Thanks for reaching out!

Thanks for reaching out!


Thank you for reaching out and showing interest in having a chat — I genuinely appreciate it.

Generally, I’m super interested to meet new people and hear different perspectives; I think it’s a key part of personal growth. But unfortunately, with my workload at Rainmaking, our project commitments, and most importantly wanting to spend time with my family, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to set up a conversation with everyone.


For a while, I felt like I was disappointing too many people by either failing to set something up, or not being sufficiently present when I had attempted to carve out time that in reality, really wasn’t there to be carved out.

So rather than a brush off, please consider this a smart strategic choice on my part.

I would love to help if I can, so in that spirit, in lieu of a meeting, coffee or call, hopefully the following can be of use:

About me

  1. What I believe

About Rainmaking and our team

  1. Our culture
  2. The type of work that we do
  3. The type of corporate partners that we work with
  4. Our presence and leadership
  5. Where we have come from and what we do today

About working at Rainmaking

  1. The roles that we're hiring for
  2. How I try to hire and build teams

About the startup ecosystem in Singapore

  1. If you want to learn more about the startup space in Singapore, I would recommend immersing yourself in the likes of e27, Tech in Asia, and signing up to The List and attending some of the events listed there
  2. By all means feel free to follow me on LinkedIn, where I post about our work in startup ecosystems in Singapore, Japan and Australia from time to time

About jobs in innovation & venture building

  1. If you’re keen to work at Rainmaking, all of the roles we’re hiring for are listed here
  2. If you’re looking for a job in a startup, some good aggregators of roles are AngelList, e27 and Tech in Asia
  3. If you are looking to recruit talent for your new venture or corporate innovation team and would like me to share the opportunity with my network, please share the link to the job posting with me via Linkedin DM
  4. If you want to train your teams in new venture build methodology, have a look at Rainmaking's Digital Learning Platform

About startups

  1. For advice on how to go about starting / building / scaling your startup, read Paul Graham, or Mark Suster or Ben Horowitz (if only for the Lil’ Wayne shoutouts) or a million others on Medium
  2. if you want to get better at pitching your startup, read this
  3. …and if you wish your startup was a little more like Super Mario, read this

About investing / fundraising

  1. To understand who is investing in Singapore, check out Florian Cornu and Arnaud Bonzom’s Map of the Money
  2. If you would like some help with positioning for investment and raising capital for your startup, here are 4 things to think about when raising your first round, here’s a precis on understanding the term sheet, and here’s the **real meat** on the bones
  3. I wholeheartedly recommend reading Nikhil Kapur, founder turned VC based in Singapore
  4. If you would like me to share your investor deck with my network, unfortunately I don’t have sufficient time to review and adequately diligence the opportunity so that I’m only sharing credible propositions, so I won’t be able to help
  5. If you would like me to invest in your startup, I’m not currently investing and so won’t be able to help

About mentoring

  1. I love mentoring (and being mentored), and here’s why! However, given constraints and my current areas of focus, if you would like me to mentor your startup, I am currently only interested to do so if you are a LegalTech company — reach out via Linkedin DM if you are and if you think I can help

About professional fulfilment and workplace culture

  1. These are both passions of mine; I write about them here
  2. I can highly recommend Bruce Daisley’s podcast, Eat Sleep Work Repeat

What I think about new ventures and corporate innovation

  1. Find it all here

What I recommend you read

  1. Find my All Star Reading List here

Working together

  1. If you would like to explore partnering with Rainmaking on your corporate venture portfolio, please contact

Areas where I need help

Iif you can help or can recommend someone who can, please let me know…

  1. I’m interested in being mentored on building fulfilling workplace cultures, developing leaders, and non-traditional employee engagement models
  2. I want to meet genuine experts in workplace culture, storytelling, and LegalTech
  3. Recommendations of the most status-quo-altering and inspiring books to listen to on Audible

Apologies for not being able to speak directly, and thank you for your understanding.

Have a great day! 🚀