Short read: why is entrepreneurship fulfilling?

Short read: why is entrepreneurship fulfilling?

I believe that entrepreneurship is one of the best means that we have of offering fulfilling work. It allows us to create the conditions required to unlock the potential in our global workforce at scale.

📌 This is why I do the work that I do.

To make genuine, meaningful and high-impact breakthroughs, it tends to be the case that you need to have:

🔥 Highly intelligent, committed, passionate people,
🔥 Working with immense drive,
🔥 Investing significant cognitive capacity,
🔥 On challenges that even then, may not be achievable

Where those conditions are true, then in the scenarios where one does succeed in making a breakthrough, in spite of the adversity and with all of the effort and investment that has been required…

⚡ …the flood of fulfilment delivered by that manifestation of unlocked potential is unmatched.

I love entrepreneurship and building new companies because it provides me with the opportunity to unlock my own potential, but even more exciting is the platform that it provides me to create the environment to scale the way that we unlock the potential of highly ambitious and high-potential people.