Resources that I hope can be helpful!

On career transition and professional fulfilment:

14. Culture and creativity - Taking the leap from corporate law to building start ups - Samuel Hall - The Watchword Podcast
Samuel Hall started his career studying law at Oxford University, going on to work in corporate law for several years. After a great deal of reflection Samuel changed tack and moved into the world of startups. He then worked in a variety of functions within different start-ups, gaining a generalist …

On the competences that I believe are important for venture build work:

Looking for a job in corporate innovation, new venture building or digital transformation? Here’s a toolkit of resources to help you get ready.
If you only look at one thing in the group of resources below, I recommend youget a copy of either The Invincible Company or The Corporate Startup. Whilstneither are perfect nor directly copy/pastable to the realities you will face indifferent scenarios in real life (nothing is!), they cover in …
Outperforming Startups: What Corporate Ventures Are Getting Right - Lost In Transformation
Why will the future of innovation be in corporate startups? Sam Hall, CEO in Asia Pacific of Rainmaking, a corporate innovation and venture development company, shares his outlook on the future of innovation.He highlights his philosophy of career fulfilment based on his own switch of career paths, a…

Recommended reading:

Recommended reading list
For a quick smash and grab on the most influential books on how I think and work, here is something of an All Star Reading List. These books have been the most helpful to me in recent years.